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Modern Home Design Trends

Every generation is recognized their choice of style reflected not only in their clothing, but in their homes.  The 60's brought in the sunken living room, the 70's had mustard yellow and olive green, and the 80's had matching floral everythin...

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10 Best Hiking Spots in Sonoma County

  One of the great things about living in or visiting Sonoma County is the diversity of the landscape and the opportunities that brings. With so many options we thought we would highlight a few of our favorite places to hike... 1...

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Farm to Table

  Sonoma County has always been at the heart of the sustainability movement and one of the centerpieces of that is the farm to table dining experience. The farm to table movement is the practice of locally sourcing ingredients as cl...

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8 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

1. Make your door color pop Blue, yellow, and red are all options that help bring focus to your home and front door. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color! 2. Mailbox Makeover An old beat up mailbox can subtly take away from a chic e...

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