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10 Best Hiking Spots in Sonoma County


One of the great things about living in or visiting Sonoma County is the diversity of the landscape and the opportunities that brings. With so many options we thought we would highlight a few of our favorite places to hike…

1. Annadel State Park, Santa Rosa:

Annadel State Park is nestled into the east side of Santa Rosa. With multiple entrances there are many many trails to pick from with varying difficulty making it a great choice for avid hikers and newbies alike!  A real gem of Sonoma County you’ll likely pass creeks, lakes, and wildlife all without having to leave town!

2. Taylor Mountain, Santa Rosa:
A bit more vertical than Annadel this park has two entrances which offer different experiences. The Kawana Springs side offers open spaces while the Petaluma Hill side feels “woodsier”.

3. Sugar Loaf Ridge State Park, Santa Rosa:
Effected by the Tubbs fire the landscape has made a miraculous recovery and boasts some of the best views offered in our county. On a clear day you can see all the way to the SF bay and in the summer the wildflowers are abundant! You also have the option of hiking in the evening and checking out the Griffith Observatory where you can explore the skies with a high-powered telescope.

4. Armstrong Woods, Guerneville:
People come from all over the world to see these majestic and ancient trees that are right in our backyard! There is no equivalent to the feeling you get standing under one of these giants.

5. Sonoma Coast State Park, Sonoma Coast:
With miles and miles of coastline it’s hard to find a bad spot to hike the coast. If you aren’t from the area remember to wear layers and bring a good jacket even in the summer. Unlike our Southern California counterparts our beaches are often windy and chilly but definitely worth it!

6. Hood Mountain, Kenwood:
One of the more challenging hikes on our list is worth the effort to be able to catch a glimpse of the water rushing down the rocks in spring and winter.

7. Jack London State Park, Kenwood:
An incredibly unique experience this hike will bring you past stone ruins, vineyards, ponds and an endless number of trees.

8. Quarry Hill Botanical Garden, Glenn Ellen:
Another unique experience, this qualifies as more of a walk than a hike, but we couldn’t leave it out. Walk through the botanical gardens and enjoy the ponds, bring a picnic and enjoy. This is a great activity if you have younger children or just want an easy and enjoyable afternoon.

9. Laguna de Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa:

Hiking through these wetlands gives you the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife including some pretty spectacular looking water birds. Egrets, cranes, and pelicans have been known to visit this west county favorite.

10. Riverfront Regional Park, Healdsburg:
While wine tasting in famous Healdsburg take a few moments to sneak away through the vineyards and take a walk around this park. Featuring three ponds and plenty of picnic space this is an easy detour for when you want to take in some nature between the vines.