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Staging Your Home For Sale


Every home, whether vacant or lived in, has the potential to benefit from staging. Staging is a process where we make a home as attractive to a buyer as possible using household items. This can be done in a few different ways.

The first is staging a lived in home…
This often just involves removing some personal items and utilizing what you have to help buyers realize themselves in the home and the functionality of a space. For example we would remove family photos and any “clutter” that may be on display at the home. It is easier for a family to see the house for sale as their future home if they can imagine themselves in the space.

Staging a vacant home…
This can be done in two ways. Traditionally we would bring in clean simple pieces of furniture to again help buyers imagine the space as their home and see the potential the home offers. This is still a commonly used staging option. In more recent years we have also seen the introduction of Virtual Staging. This utilizes the photos your real estate agent takes of your home and virtually places furniture and decorates using a computer program. There are benefits to both techniques. Physical items in the home may help a buyer better visualize, however a virtual staging allows them to see the same possibility while also seeing a blank canvas once they’re inside the property. Virtual staging also eliminates pick up and drop off of the staging pieces and often a lower cost.

If you have any questions about selling your home or have questions about staging your home in preparation for sale please give us a call at 707.239.4846