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8 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

1. Make your door color pop
Blue, yellow, and red are all options that help bring focus to your home and front door. Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color!

2. Mailbox Makeover
An old beat up mailbox can subtly take away from a chic exterior, think about an upgrade to a more modern style.

3. Front Door Décor
We love a wreath! We can’t help it. The homey charm and inviting feeling have a big impact with minimal effort.

4. Light it up
A dark exterior can make your home less inviting. Adding lights to walkways, doorways, driveways and side yards is not only a smart safety move but helps bring your house to life and highlight all the work you’ve done.

5. Power Wash
You would be amazed at how a quick power wash can completely transform a home. From windows, eves, decks, driveways and siding a good power washing can make an older home look almost brand new again. If you’ve been considering a new paint job, try power washing first. You may not need to paint at all!

6. Plant a Tree
A tree can change a property. In addition to adding shade they can also add color! Japanese maple has a beautiful red leaf while a dwarf lemon tree adds a pop of color even in the winter months and can be used for food or table décor too. Just be sure to do some research since some trees can grow larger than anticipated or in the case of willow trees have roots which like to infiltrate pipes.

7. Window Flower Boxes
Maybe you don’t have a yard, or maybe space is limited. In this case try options like window flower boxes which add life and color in a tight space.

8. Perennial Plants
Perennial bulbs and seeds can be a life saver! Some of my personal favorites are tulips and poppies. While year-round landscaping is important its also nice to not have to plant flowers each year to get that bit of color and beauty that only flowers can offer. By planting perennial flowers, you get all the benefit of a gorgeous summer bounty without all the work!