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Modern Home Design Trends

Every generation is recognized their choice of style reflected not only in their clothing, but in their homes.  The 60’s brought in the sunken living room, the 70’s had mustard yellow and olive green, and the 80’s had matching floral everything.  Let’s take a look at a few of the popular design choices we’ve seen more recently…

Back Splashes and Open Kitchens: 
Back splashes have become popular and we are all for it! Be it a simple subway tile or an intricate design this stylish and functional feature makes an impact. Paired with open kitchen floor plans this style is an Instagram dream.


Mid Century Modern: 
This style offers sleek and minimalist designs straight out of an episode of Mad Men. The 60’s chic look mixes designs from the past with the bright, clean, sleek style of the modern era.


Colorful Doors: 
We mentioned this in our “8 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal” blog but it’s worth mentioning again.  A pop of color on your door is an easy and inexpensive way to update and lighten up your home as well as increase it’s curb appeal. Gone are the days where your door blended in! Welcome to the future, it’s pretty bright.


Water Conscious & Low Maintenance Landscaping: 
It’s great to see something that’s good for the environment also become so popular! Whether your motivation is using less water, preserving native vegetation, or simply less work a water conscious and low maintenance yard is the choice for you. By using plants native to the area and less lawn you can cut down yard maintenance almost completely and save money on your utility bill while you’re at it.


Veggie Gardens Instead of Lawns: 
In another move towards environmental consciousness, this trend is one we can really get behind. Imagine if every lawn in America was replaced with a veggie garden!? Not only is this a healthy option that is aesthetically pleasing, but if you’re like me you’ll also have plenty of extra veggies to pass out to family, friends, and neighbors.